Two things are inevitable in this life death and taxes… Can’t avoid either of them but you can keep yourself out from under the IRS eyes. It really all depends on what you, the taxpayer, is doing. The worst thing to do is to ignore them as if the problem will go away; they will only get worse with either a tax lien, bank levy, wage garnishment, or even tax court. There are so many companies out there that promise the world and do nothing but take your hard earned money.
By working with us we offer a friendly personal touch where we not only work handling your tax issues but focus on educating you to make sure you do not end up with any future issues. Our 4 step process explains your entire situation so that you know exactly what is going and all the fees associated with every step.
Here at SSBM Consulting, we are NOTHING like these other companies. We strive to provide the utmost service to help lift that IRS burden off your back

  • You owe more than 15k and tired of paying hundreds of dollars a month

  • You cannot afford to pay your IRS debt call us today so we can explore the several options available
  • You haven’t filed in years call us before the IRS files for you
  • You are scared of IRS
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