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Below are a few selected testimonials for your review – these are from real customers, with tax situations just like “yours”. We depend on word-of-mouth referrals and reviews. Your testimonials of your actual experience with our services are a critical component of our continued success.

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When I first thought about filing my taxes for 2014 I immediately thought of SSMB Consulting, LLC. I knew that seeking your services would be beneficial to Bickham Services Unlimited and I was right. I walked away a very satisfied customer. I chose you because SSMB’s services came highly recommended by a family member of mine and personal associate of yours whom also used your services.

I appreciate the ease of sending all of my tax documents to you electronically for processing. This convenient method saved me time out of my hectic schedule from having to drive to an office. Your prompt responses and attention to detail while preparing my taxes was impressive. Your work ethic made me feel comfortable and confident in knowing you would take good care of my tax preparation and seek the maximum refund I qualified for. Again I say that I walked away a very satisfied customer.

I would unhesitatingly recommend SSMB Consulting, LLC to anyone, and plan to continue using your services for all of my tax preparation needs.

Rachel Gardner, CEO, Bickham Services Unlimited
Sandra is a very knowledgeable, diligent, professional tax accountant and is expert in her field for both self employed professionals as well as W2 employees. She conducts business with integrity, professionalism and honesty and is truly focused on helping clients in the best way possible in their returns. I would highly recommend her.
Celina Sonnie
If you haven’t got your taxes done. …What are you waiting for? Not only is Sandra very knowledgeable about tax preparation, she also exemplifies professionalism and integrity. She took her time and explained the whole process and we had a thorough consultation prior to the official tax preparation. We received our refund within 2 weeks. My husband and I are satisfied with SSBM services and will use Sandra again next year! Thank You!
Shayna Matthews
Sandra has been doing my taxes for a few years now. The first time she did my taxes, she went back 3 years to see if I missed anything; the end result was I was able to get close to $3,000 back from the IRS. She’s very thorough and detailed, leaving no stone unturned. Her dedication to her clients is amazing. I wouldn’t want anyone else doing my taxes!
Chantel Blake